Giving me a break.

Just realizing now, it’s clearer to see, that I wasn’t fair to me.
Unintendedly, I had put myself through the roughs.
Why didn’t I see it coming?
Why did I miss that opportunity?
Many of such thoughts consumed me for too long.
I was burdened under the assumptions of what could have been.
I see now that misses were meant to happen.
I see that regrets should never have been my companion.
Better late than never, I have decided to be kinder and gift myself “best friend vibes” in all areas like.
I choose not to worry about the things I can not control.
I choose not to fear for what may never happen.
I spilt that, I am clumsy!
NO, NO, NO, I am not clumsy!
I am sorry it happened but that’s already happened.
I choose to move on, to be grateful for other things going good.
I choose to sip on a cup of Mango Smoothie.

Raising my Mood with a Mango

I feel I need something sweet today. So let’s drink to something natural, sweet and uplifting.

Bananas x2
Mangos x1 (big)
WatermelonS x1 (slice)
Berries x 1 (Handful)

Blend, Cool (or Freeze as needed) and reach for happiness in that glass and chill. All is well or will be.

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