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Reset: Begin Again

This season got me thinking about page 93 of my husband’s book, “What the future knows about the past”. Permit me to quote him:

“Every shift in the economy, in politics or any other sector, is heralded by bits of information”

I understand this to be referring to the pace of change and how we can go obsolete. Relevant today, not so relevant tomorrow and then totally obsolete. I can only imagine how the generation that came before us see this new world. They must feel absolutely overwhelmed. Some of us are not too far behind the old folks, trying to manoeuvre constantly shifting systems. People have spent a decade or more building capacity in an area that a few”Eventful weeks” disrupted. In recent weeks I have watched as people are actively pursuing career change as their specialization, achieved over the years, has become irrelevant.

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How can we reinvent, redirect, restructure, shift or refocus for the new today and for tomorrow? I am seeing that the first step for me is to embrace my strengths, hype myself, celebrate my capabilities and believe that I can adapt to the new normal.

I am also making a list of things to adapt to and I am learning new things. I am learning how to deal with pressure, with anger and stress. I am learning golf. I am learning to dream again. I encourage you to learn something new and be sure that you are at peace with you. The process will only be as easy or as tough as you let it.

Your state of mind plays a huge role in how well you adapt to the changing world. Your access to information is also as important. Never be afraid to begin again. Love your process of adaptation and make progress in this constantly changing world.

Raise Your Glass to a Redefining Yourself and Starting Again.

A few days ago, I wrote a piece on the Journey. In that post, I shared a toast to the Journey with the Spinach Pea Smoothie. I would like to introduce another journey mix. Harley Pasternak (writer of the Body Reset Diet) suggests that the best way to reset the body is to include more meals as smoothies. One of these days I will share my 21-day Smoothie plan with you, but for now according to Harley, here are the smoothies recommended for a full-body reset.

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He recommends a few smoothie only meals such as:

Photo by Taylor-kiser

A Greek Reset:
A blend of banana, Greek yoghurt, almonds and nonfat milk with some cinnamon.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Spinach Smoothie:
A blend of avocados, pears and grapes.

About Oge

Ogechi Atang-Agama is a pastry and event catering chef. She is an Alumni of ICCA Culinary School and has spent almost a decade as a professional chef. In 2019, after a series of life-events and personal health challenges, she took nutritional-cuisine seriously. Now a student of the intersections of food, emotion and health, she writes and shares her story to her audience.

She is available for One-on-One baking and cooking classes styled around soundness of mind and body.

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