The Journey

Life is a journey and every journey has a destination.
One journey ends where another begins.
A baby is born after a 9-month journey.
A child’s journey is transitioned to adulthood.
Every journey is interrupted at some point with the start of a new journey.
The cycle of journies and interruptions is continuous.
Each person journies as they choose.
Some alone, others in partnerships.
In all, we must journey, to strive, to live each journey and each stage with happiness.

Photo by Keenan Constance

Nutrition Tip for the Journey is on Magnesium

In early life, it helps with bone formation and tooth growth as well as the development of the child. In women, its importance grows with age. For women nearing or in their 40s it helps with building strong bones. This is more important for women who have breastfed and may not have fully recovered from calcium loss during that journey. Most women are restored to their pre-breastfeeding calcium levels while others may require some help to recover. It helps regulate blood pressure and sugar levels.

A Toast to the Journey

Spinach Pea Smoothie is a great journey smoothie packed with magnesium for your enjoyment. Simply blanch the Spinach in hot water briefly and cook the peas for 5mins. Blend the peas and the spinach with your apples. You could add one yellow pepper for flavour. Try not to store but use up immediately.


SpinachA Handful
Green PeaPalm-full
Apple2 Apples
Yellow Pepper (optional)1 or 2
Mint Leaf (optional)As needed
Almond or Ground Nuts (optional)Accompaniment

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