In Little Things.

Soul searching, heart pondering and weighing my life all has me thankful and grateful.
The littlest things have bubbled-up through the cracks of my concerns.
I have learnt to be grateful for each meal.
I am grateful for the strength and passion to cook.
I am thankful for the provisions to afford the ingredients.
Despite the pandemic, I am motivated to do normal things.
The strength to exercise and enjoy simple moments with the children.
I refuse to take all these and more for granted.
I am finding smiles in the little things as the first step to total happiness.

The little things that matter in our foods.

Under pressure (lifestyle or environmental) or during the break down of certain foods, the human body produces chemicals known as Free Radicals. These radicals are responsible for harming cells or body function if the body is unable to remove them efficiently. Natural occurring antioxidants may be the best solution to handling these radicals. Those with high amounts of these radicals in their body may suffer from oxidative stress and this has been linked to cancers, arthritis, heart problems and strokes. This is where we pay homage to cinnamon; a powerful antioxidant. It is needed in small quantities but yields great results.

Cheers to less stress.

Clean, peel and chop carrots; peel and chop the cucumber. Blend all ingredients until consistent paste forms.


CinnamonSmall Spoon
Carrots4 Medium-sized
Cucumber2 Medium-sized
GingerTo your taste.

2 thoughts on “In Little Things.

  1. Beautifully written! I myself, I’m thankful for the gift of life and being able to live freely in our beautiful world 🌎.

    Thank you Oge for this beautiful write up πŸ’œ

    Liked by 2 people

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